Product values

Quality assurance.

Datasets are designed to reflect accurately the composition of official data releases. Source files are enriched with metadata and reshaped into standard data structures, allowing us to reuse functions like querying and storing. In addition, we single out the most significant indicators in those datasets, and dedicate them additional quality control and tracking.


Through automated processes we detect, extract and distribute official statistics within minutes of their publication. Users can set up alerts tied to individual indicators and customise their release feed.

Relevance and global reach.

Our macroeconomic database covers 180 countries, drawing from more than 150 official statistics agencies, central banks and ministries. The focus of attention lies on the driving forces behind global economic activity.

User support.

Ensuring that the website has a smooth interface and that users can easily find and manage data is our biggest priority. Hence, we make ourselves available to assist in user queries and listen to feedback.

Get notified by your favorite applications


This Slack application will allow you and your team to receive the most recent economic indicator releases. Any time an agency publishes a new data point, we will notify you using this channel within a short timespan.


Subscribe to this public Telegram channel and receive instant data updates. Simply click on the link or search for "Econdb" on Telegram.

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