Common Questions

1. How long does it take for official data releases to be published in the platform?

We aim to detect official data releases within an hour of their publication. However, there may be some lag in sources that are less machine friendly, for example, because they initially publish headline tallies in an unstructured document and a cleaner dataset only after a lag.

2. Do you have asset and financial prices data?

At the moment we don’t offer data from any private vendor, and that rules out granular financial prices. We do collect and offer some publicly available financial prices such as housing prices, interest rates and stock price indices.

3. What’s the copyright of the Econdb datasets?

Econdb redistributes publicly available data that tend to have lenient redistribution licenses. The reproduction terms of any given dataset depend on the particular original source.

Should you have questions about how to download, interpret and use our data, please send us an email at

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